• Thank You to All Drivers and Parents Who Made This Event!
    Created by Dawn Stafford, Jan 7, 2013
    Updated by Dawn Stafford, Jan 8, 2013
    Shared With: Baylands QMRA

    After delaying Hangover by a day the weather cooperated and delivered us a sunny but cold day.  We had 34 cars with a full Junior Honda and 9 cars in Senior Honda.  In our novice class we had 4 driver and 3 of the drivers this was their first race.  They did a fantastic job!

    I would like to thank all the parents who helped throughout the day, those who traveled, and a special thanks to Frank Walsh for being the track director all day!

    Junior Novice Heat Race


    Feature Race   Junior Honda Main Event

    Junior Novice:  Carson Sias, Alanya Frank, Matthew Tatoole, and Blake Spear

    Junior Honda:  Haily Bugg(1), Peyton Sias (2), Collin Larsen (3), Jesse Love (4)

    Senior Honda: Anthony Bruno (1), Nicholas Stafford (2), Cody Jessop (3), Antonia Boscacci (4), Canoa Cordiero (5)

    Junior Stock: Jesse Love (1), Rylee Whitehouse (2)

    Light 160:  Kyle Mentch (1), Takota Sermeno (2)

    Heavy 160:  Tom Paterson (1), Johnny Nichols (2)

    Light World Formula: Tom Paterson (1), Cody Jessop (2), Kyle Mentch (3)