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Baylands has been active in Santa Clara County since the early 1960’s. We have an in-depth comprehensive training program.

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Updated Oct 31, 2013


Updated Aug 20, 2013


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Quarter Midget racing is a competitive sport for children 5-15 years old. In California, there are paved tracks in San Jose, Livermore, Sacramento, Madera, and Pomona.  Sacramento also has a dirt track. Each track sponsors an aggressive schedule throughout the racing season.
The sport centers around small competitive race cars scaled down to approximately one-fourth the size of midget racers. These cars are on 1/20th mile banded oval tracks.  The drivers are children between five and fifteen years of age. The sport is nationwide with regional and national championship races held each year.
Baylands Quarter Midget Racing Association welcomes you and your family to a fun-filled, action packed racing experience.
Feel free to come out to one of our training sessions or one of our club races to see what Quarter Midget racing is all about!  

Important News

After delaying Hangover by a day the weather cooperated and delivered us a sunny but cold day.  We had 34 cars with a full Junior Honda and 9 cars in Senior Honda.  In our novice class we had 4 driver and 3 of the drivers this was their first race.  They did a fantastic job!

I would like to thank all the parents who helped throughout the day, those who traveled, and a special thanks to Frank Walsh for being the track director all day!

Junior Novice Heat Race


Feature Race   Junior Honda Main Event

Junior Novice:  Carson Sias, Alanya Frank, Matthew Tatoole, and Blake Spear

Junior Honda:  Haily Bugg(1), Peyton Sias (2), Collin Larsen (3), Jesse Love (4)

Senior Honda: Anthony Bruno (1), Nicholas Stafford (2), Cody Jessop (3), Antonia Boscacci (4), Canoa Cordiero (5)

Junior Stock: Jesse Love (1), Rylee Whitehouse (2)

Light 160:  Kyle Mentch (1), Takota Sermeno (2)

Heavy 160:  Tom Paterson (1), Johnny Nichols (2)

Light World Formula: Tom Paterson (1), Cody Jessop (2), Kyle Mentch (3)



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76 Nervo 1900

by Vic Sias, Sep 10, 2013
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Rice XR4 car and extra's

by Vic Sias, Jun 1, 2013
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Rice Car's for sale- Bower's

by Vic Sias, May 28, 2013
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